Today I released another minor version of ayrton, one year after the last release, almost to the minute: Same day of the same month, same hour. Hence, I named it The 'one year is nothing' release.

The changelog, at least, is quite extensive:

  • _bg allows running a command in the background.
  • _fails allows a Command to fail even when option('-e') is on.
  • Try program_name as program-name if the first failed the path lookup.
  • Convert all arguments to commands to str().
  • chdir() is an alias of cd().
  • Capture is a class, not an arbitrary value.
  • Updated doc.
  • Fixed globals and local passed to the execution of the script.
  • Fixed some fd leakage.
  • Fixed redirection when _out and _err where Capture.
  • Fixed keyword handling while doing our black magic.
  • More, better unit tests!

Get it on github or pypi!

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