This time we focused on making ayrton more debuggable and the scripts too. Featurewise, this release fixes a couple of bugs: one when executing remote code with the wrong Python version and another while iterating over long outputs. The latter needs more work so it's more automatic. Here's the ChangeLog:

  • Fix running remote tests with other versions of Python.
  • Fix tests broken by a change in ls's output.
  • Fix iterating over the long output of a command à la for line in foo(...): .... Currently you must add _bg=True to the execution options.
  • Fix recognizing names bound by for loops.
  • Added options -d|--debug, -dd|--debug2 and -ddd|--debug3 for enabling debug logs.
  • Added option -xxx|--trace-all for tracing all python execution. Use with caution, it generates lots of output.

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