Another long-ish cycle (1.5 months, more or less). That's what two weeks of vacation do to the project.

This time I fixed executing things in, and handling the standard streams between the ayrton script and, the remote(), so now we can run complex programs like vi and mc. The ChangeLog:

  • Send data to/from the remote via another ssh channel, which is more stable than using stdin.
  • Stabilized a lot all tests, specially those using a mocked stdout for getting test validation.
  • A lot of tests have been moved to their own scripts in ayrton/tests/scripts, which also work as (very minimal) examples of what's working.
  • Use flake8 to check the code.
  • Move remote() to its own source.
  • API change: if a str or bytes object is passed in _in, then it's the name of a file where to read stdin. If it's an int, then it's considered a file descriptor. This makes the API consistent to _out and _err handling.
  • More error handling.
  • Fixed errors with global variables handling.
  • argv is handled at the last time possible, allowing it being passed from test invocation.
  • shift complains on negative values.
  • Lazy pprint(), so debug statements do not do useless work.
  • stdin/out/err handling in remote() is done by a single thread.
  • Modify a lot the local terminal when in remote() so, among other things, we have no local echo.
  • Properly pass the terminal type and size to the remote. These last three features allow programs like vi be run in the remote.
  • Paved the road to make remote()s more like Command()s.

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