Last weekend I was at at Mendoza, Argentina. As always, it was a good opportunity to find old and new friends; learn more about python, technology and more; and this time I even gave a talk.

I went to see several talks, but they were not recorded, so I have no links to videos to provide. The highlight for me was Argentina En Python's and DjangoGirl's Django tutorial. It was a very good taste of what the former are doing all over South America, which is simply incredible.

The talk I gave was actually heavily based/stolen from a talk by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis called How Do Python Coroutines Work?. I recommend you to watch it because it's amazing. That was one of the things I forgot to mention during the talk; the other one is that the classes Future and Task developed in the live-coding session[1] resemble a lot the ones the asyncio module offers, so their introduction is completely deliberate, even when they're swept under the rug quickly. Thanks to @hernantz, I was remembered of the article/book chapter that Davis and GvRossum wrote about asyncio.

I also used a lightning talk slot for promoting ayrton and showing a little Elevation. I just put the few slides online here.

So all in all, it was once more an amazing experience. Crossing my fingers, see you next year!

[1] The first rue about giving a talk is that you never do live coding. Some are just too stubborn...