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Marcos David Dione
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Specialization in Distributed Systems and Services (, 380hs.

Licenciate degree in Computer Science, Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Capstone Project: «Trieste: A distributed filesystem».


Most network installations use centralized network filesystems, and some even use peer-to-peer ones. Centralized filesystems don't use the resources in the client machines, and peer-to-peer ones are not transparent enough and are not easy to administrate. We designed and implemented a fault-tolerant, easy to administrate distributed filesystem, which can add storage space easily. Trieste showed to be greatly scalable, using disk bandwidth and space of each added computer. Its features makes it suitable for clusters.


Operating systems

  • Strong knowledge in GNU/Linux, particularly Debian/Ubuntu distributions.
  • Good knowledge in BSD and UNIX in general.


  • Advanced routing, packet filtering, firewalls (Shorewall), load balancing, heartbeat.
  • Mail service (SMTP/POP3/IMAP): exim and postfix; courier.
  • Web Server (HTTP/S): Apache and lighttpd.
  • Databases: PGBouncer+PostgreSQL+Slony-I, MySQL clusters, Apache Cassandra, LevelDB, LMDB.
  • DNS: Bind and masqmail.
  • Other protocols: jabber, NFS, NTP, DHCP.
  • Server monitoring: BigBrother, XYMon, Munin.
  • Configuration management: CFEngine, Chef, Ansible, Salt.
  • VoIP/IPBX: Asterisk

Programming skills

  • Python: advanced.
  • Bash: advanced.
  • C and C++: very good.
  • Perl: very good.
  • PHP: basic.
  • Java: regular.
  • JavaScript: very basic.
  • Test Driven Development: regular.
  • Twisted: basic.
  • PyGTK: basic
  • PyQt/PyKDE: regular.
  • WebServices: regular.

Development Tools

  • (D)VCS: Bazaar, Mercurial, Git.
  • Compilers: GNU Compiler Collection (mainly C/C++, some Java), Bigloo (Scheme compiler).
  • Configuration systems: Make, autotools, CMake, scons.
  • Other tools: jenkins.

Other technologies

  • Client/Server, Distributed programming.
  • GIS: GDAL, OSM, DEM, Mapnik, PostGIS.
  • Xen paravirtualization; Docker.
  • Sofware packaging and backporting for GNU/Linux distributions; customizing GNU/Linux distributions.


  • Spanish: native.
  • English: very good reading, writing and conversation.
  • French: regular reading, writing and conversation.

Recent experience

Since October 2016 -

DevOps and VoIP/IPBX administrator. I'm automating internal procedures, which I export as a WebService so other systems can use them. This task includes interacting with several internal systems, like the database, mail and SSO servers, and the VoIP/IPBX system.

I also administrate the VoIP/IPBX system, which serves 3 call centers with 250 agents in total. This is implemented with Asterisk. Currently I'm planning the migration to a new version, which includes creating a testing environment and testing the different use cases.

  • Languages: Python/Django/DRF
  • Services: Asterisk
  • Configuration Management: Salt.

December 2012-September 2015 - Astek Sud-Est for Amadeus SAS (

Developer for the R&D-SSP-TAE-TDS team. We developed several systems:

  • An in memory Key-Value store.
  • A manually sharded database with multi dimensional range search on top of it.
  • A computation scheduling system that takes in account popularity and volatility of the data.

These systems handle flight data for different types of search queries.

I added a new backend to the KVS that used LMDB ( for storing data on disk so we could handle terabytes of data, as a mitigating step while we prepared to migrate to MongoDB.

  • Languages: C, C++, Python
  • Development tools: Jenkins, Atlassian (git, jira)
  • Databases: LevelDB, LMDB
  • System tools: docker, chef

June 2011-November 2012 - Astek Sud-Est for Orange Portails (

System Administrator at the HEBEX Division, which is in charge of maintaining all the 3000+ servers split in 3 Data Centers used for developing, testing and hosting a lot of Orange's sites, including Orange and associated sites (actu, immobilier, finances, femme, ecole, bussines, etc) and Voila, among others.

My main work was around maintaining multi-site databases that host the data for all those web sites, using different technologies (PostgreSQL+Slony-I clusters, MySQL clusters, Cassandra clusters), and the WebServices developed in C++ and PHP, hosted in Apache servers, that are used to access those databases; installing new versions of production code; massively migrating the servers from several Debian releases to Ubuntu Lucid and Precise LTSs; and supervising the whole infrastructure in general, including the creation of new monitoring tests and graphs.

My last task was to research the possibility of using Cassandra as a database for the type of data we handled, including its behavior and recovering on different types of failures and its health monitoring.

  • Languages: Bash, Perl, Java, PHP
  • Platforms: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian)
  • Databases: PostgreSQL+Slony-I+PGBouncer, MySQL cluster, Apache Cassandra
  • Web Servers: Apache+mod_ndb, PHP and C++ webservices.
  • Networking: GTM load balancers.
  • Server Administration: CFEngine, XYMon, BigBrother.
  • Other: redundant setups, multiple datacenters.
September, 2009-December, 2010 - INRIA Méditerranée (

Engineer expert for the Hop project ( I'm porting both Bigloo, a Scheme compiler, and Hop to the Android platform. I'm also modifying Hop to run as a OSGI bundle and helped improving and expanding Hop's runtime library.

  • Languages: Bash, C, Scheme, Java
  • Platforms: Linux (Debian, Fedora), Android, OSGI
  • Development: Mercurial, GCC
  • Protocols: SOAP, STOMP, oBIX
  • Other: XML, Phidgets, cross compiling
June, 2009-August, 2009 - Proteon (

System administrator assistant. I helped in the Hosting Division, planning and executing consolidation of servers using Xen and migrating them between data centers to reduce costs.

  • Languages: Bash, Python, Perl
  • Platforms: Linux (Debian, CentOS)
  • Development: Subversion
  • Networking: IPSec/OpenVPN, Nagios, Server installation and configuration.
  • Other: Xen (machine virtualization), Server consolidation (via virtualization), Server manipulation in data centers.
April, 2007-December, 2008 - Soluciones Informáticas Libres S.A. (

System administrator. I maintained the network, run servers and workstations, installation and configuration of hardware. In several ocasions I managed routers, Xen servers, and install and configure software and other minor tasks for our clients abroad.

Developer. I wrote the backend of the Xarope project, a Xen based system for offering hosting for Zope/Plone sites. This project has been released under the GPL.

  • Languages: Bash, Python, C
  • Platforms: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu)
  • Development: Subversion, Mercurial, GCC, Python
  • Networking: SSH, Apache (web server/reverse proxy), Django sites, PostgreSQL, Squid, Zope/Plone, Router/Firewall (Coyote), VCS repositories, NFS, LDAP, Mail system (postfix, courier, spamassassin, squirrelmail, mailman), Printer server (CUPS), DHCP, Server and workstation installation and configuration, Network security, Server monitoring (munin, logwatch, rkhunter), Thin clients (XDMCP), offsite backup.
  • Other: Xen, virtualenv (Python), Trac (ticket system), Debian packaging, backporting, remote client assistance, Linux kernel customization.
September, 2008-May, 2009 - IATE - Astronomic Observatory - UNC. (

System administrator. I maintained the network, run a small server/router/firewall and helped maintaining the workstations.

  • Languages: Bash, Python
  • Platforms: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora), Windows
  • Development: «Python for scientists» (course lectured).
  • Networking: SSH, Apache, Drupal, MySQL, Squid, Firewall (Shorewall), NFS, LDAP, Printer server (CUPS), DHCP, Server and workstation installation and configuration, Network security, Server monitoring (munin, logwatch, rkhunter), Multiple network providers balancing.
November, 2006-May, 2007 - Fundación Vía Libre (

System administrator. I installed and maintained a Debian server with Apache and WordPress for news sites and MailMan for mailing lists.

  • Languages: PHP, CSS
  • Networking: SSH, Apache, WordPress, MySQL, mailman, Server installation and configuration.
January-July, 2006 - Departamento de Cómputos de la Facultad de Ciencias Químicas de la U.N.C.

System Administrator. I maintained the network and servers in the faculty. Network services included DNS, mail, spam and virus filtering, HTTP proxy and Web servers. One of the server connected to 4 balanced ADSL lines. Most servers were different Linux distributions.

  • Languages: Bash
  • Platforms: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mandrake, Fedora), Windows
  • Networking: SSH, Apache, Squid, Firewall (Shorewall), Server and workstation installation and configuration, Network security, Server monitoring (munin, logwatch), Multiple network providers balancing.
October, 2005-January, 2006

Freelance system administrator. I maintained Zope and Apache servers running under FreeBSD and Debian GNU/Linux.

  • Platforms: Linux (Debian), FreeBSD
  • Networking: SSH, Apache, Zope/Plone
  • Others: virtualenv
March, 2002-June, 2003 and March-September, 2005 - Fundación Vía Libre

Python developer. I worked in a team of 3 python developers. We developed papo (, an ERP for SMEs released under the GPL. We built tools like xot and cimarron.

  • Platforms: Linux (Debian)
  • Languages: Python
  • Development: OOP, Subversion, GTK, Test driven development.

Older experiences

I developed a real estate showroom in LAMPhp.
I worked in a team of 4 people developing a frontend for reprogramming cell phone routers in Perl.
I worked in a team of 3 people prototyping a workstation for a massive migration from Windows to Linux. This work included Debian packages customization, bug fixing and more integration works.
I worked in a team of 2 people building a computer lab, including network cabling, server and workstation configuration, all running Mandrake. The servers ran NFS/NIS, mail and web services.
I worked in a team of 3 people developing an application that allowed customers to send works via mail using dial-up connections, in Delphi.
I worked in a team of 2 people maintaining a faculty network, including Solaris and Slackware serves and Windows workstations.

Academic experience

2007-2009 - Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física (
Graduate teaching assistant in the Algorithm and Data Structures laboratory course. We teach C, Haskell and Java. Wrote material for teaching programing with Java.
2004-2005 - Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física
Graduate teaching assistant in the Operating Systems and Networks and Distributed Systems laboratory courses. We teach C and Linux kernel programming.
September-December, 2005 - Fundación Vía Libre
Wrote the material for and lectured an Advenced System Administration course. The course was delivered via a mailing list.
2000, 2002 - Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física
Undergraduate teaching assistant in the Operating Systems and Networks and Distributed Systems laboratory courses. We teach C and Linux kernel programming.
2000 - Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física
Undergraduate teaching assistant in the Databases course.
July-August, 2004 - Grupo de Investigación en Informática para Ingeniería, FRC, UTN.
I lectured a course about developing applications in C++ using the Qt libraries, delivered in 12 classes of 2 hours each.
October, 2004 - Fundación Vía Libre
I lectured an introductory course on the Python language, delivered in 4 classes of 4 hours each.

Talks in conferences

Nombever, 2015
«From sockets to async in 45 minutes», given at PyConAr 2015 in Mendoza, Argentina.
August, 2007
«Xarope: Hosting Zope/Plone for the masses», given at 7JRSL in Córdoba, Argentina, on behalf of Soluciones Informáticas Libres S.A..
August, 2007
«The mail salad», given at 7JRSL in Córdoba, Argentina.
November, 2005
«Xot+Cimarrón: OOP application development», given at 5JRSL in Rosario, Argentina, on behalf of Fundación Vía Libre.
October, 2005
«Xot+Cimarrón: OOP application development», given at 4CafeConf in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on behalf of Fundación Vía Libre.
November, 2004
«Trieste: a distributed filesystem», given at 3CafeConf in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
September, 2004
«Trieste: a distributed filesystem», given at 33JAIIO in Córdoba, Argentina.
July, 2004
«Trieste: a distributed filesystem», given at 2ELL in Concordia, Argentina and Salto, Uruguay.

Code I wrote


In my free time, among other things, I'm playing with the idea of approaching Python to shell programming. ayrton simplifies both the execution of commands and the remote execution of code via ssh.


Human readable regular expressions with batteries included. Just another approach to build regexps that you can read back and understand, with a couple of twists: you can debug you regexps and see when they fail to match, and the module has some useful predefined regexps.


Me and a few other pythonistas think that Python needs a development tool that helps you create projects, using templates for different types of projects, install and update its dependencies, check its code, test it, generate common files, register and upload to pypi and more. For that we created pbt, which is mostly a wrapper for lots of other tools, like pip, coockiecutter, unittest and more.


A personalized audio player that started as a way to test KDE's Python bindings, but that grew to also support inline tag edition and collection management.


A mirroring tool that I developed for maintaining a distribution mirror. It aims at maintaining the mirrors consistent, specially when an update does not finish (for example, when the time slot ends, which was the main concern in these particular mirror).


My never-ever-touched-again capstone project. It's a prototype for a distributed filesystem. It includes an implementation of Chord (


In my spare time I'm also an amateur cartographer, designing my own tile based map with publicly available DEMs and Open Street Maps' data and design.