It's that time of the year already: a new ayrton version. This time I got more improvements than before, and for the first time[1] I introduce a backwards incompatible change, but at least is well Documented in the Debian-like NEWS.rst file, and it's for a good cause[2].

So, without further addo, the ChangeLog (mixed with the NEWS)[3]:

  • New function options() is similar to bash's set command. So far only the errexit and its short versions is accepted.
  • The ssh() context manager was renamed to remote() so the ssh executable is stills reachable from code. This was due to the fact that ssh is too complex to mimic.
  • New function shift() similar to bash's command of the same name. See the docs.
  • New function source() similar to bash's command[4] allows to "import" another script's local definitions into the "sourcing" script's.

As usual, you can grab the sources from pypi or GitHub.

[1] No, really, who can actually come up with that phrases when the product has only 3 previous releases... take it with a grain of salt.

[2] That cause being that I'm lazy and I don't plan to reimplement all the functionality available in the ssh executable.

[3] Actually, this changelog is proof-read nad more complete that any other that you will find elsewhere. Code burns in the disk and I'm not so used to this release thing yet. I hope to get better soon.

[4] Do you see the pattern here?

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