osm-tile-tools v1.0

Today I finally sat down and spun off generate_tiles.py to its own repository, so people can follow its development without having to clone my own osm-carto fork. This happened just after I finished making the storage thread optional, because I usualy have as many rendering threads as cores I have, so that extra thread was not only compiting with them, but also it spent some time de/marshaling the metatiles between processes, so I'm not sure it's worth it. Maybe if I had more cores?

The new repo is here. There are some other tools there (hence the tools in the repo's name), but they're not so polished or documented. You're free to look and ask :)

What if I do a release, I hear (it must be the voice in my head)? Why not! I even decided to go bold and tagged it as v1.0.